General Reservation Policies

  • Please ensure you book only what you will stay. Once fully paid, there are no refunds.
  • All reservations have a minimum of 72-hour cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival
  • Calls to cancel must be received before noon, 3 calendar days prior to your scheduled arrival
  • Rates are subject to change. Please call in before your cancellation period ends to check on current rates
  • RV washing permitted by professional services only and a Betabel $10 water usage fee applies to each wash
  • Electric vehicle charging is not allowed onsite for Daily and Weekly guests
  • Daily reservations (1 night to 6 nights) will forgo the one night fee on file stay if not cancelled in time
  • Weekly reservations will forgo the $50 deposit on file if not cancelled in time
  • Receiving packages will result in a $10.00 service charge and are required to be delivered to the office (fee is not per package, but per reservation/stay)
  • Unless you are a current monthly guest, be aware you may only stay at the weekly rate for 4 weeks and then leave for two nights
  • You may return on a new weekly reservation after having vacated the park for a minimum of two nights
  • Monthly applicants are taken on a queue basis meaning those that have been on several 4 week reservations are chosen first
  • Limit of 2 pets (regardless of species) allowed per reservation
  • Rottweiler, Doberman and Pit Bulls are prohibited

Extended Stay Policies

  • Carwash is not available on site.